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How to Check Data Usage on Android and Reduce it

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Straight forward guide on how to check data usage on android and reduce it

Nowadays, smartphones consume more data than their predecessors

In the past, mobile phones were simple and straightforward; they were utilized only to make calls and texts. Today, you can email, video chat, play games, and so much more a mobile phone device.

With the internet, it is possible to access, stream, share, and download a vast amount of content and information onto a smartphone. However, the use of the internet, especially a mobile phone data plan comes with a few limitations. Software applications also tend to consume internet bundles even when the user is not utilizing them.

Buying an unlimited data plan is the optimal choice to ensure you don’t have to worry about data utilization. Such plans charge a fixed monthly charge that provides you with unlimited access to the internet. But since most mobile carrier services only offer fixed data plans, then your best data saving option is to monitor and reduce data utilization in your mobile device.

How to check data usage on android

In this article, we will tackle the straightforward ways on how to check data usage on android and reduce it. Let’s begin with how to check data usage on android.

Since most applications do not come preinstalled, they must be downloaded from the google play store. The applications may also utilize data when you run or upgrade them. For instance, popular social applications such as Instagram and Twitter utilize plenty of internet bundles to load images and other content.

In the end, you will notice that android mobile devices consume data when you utilize apps, and even when they are running in the background. If you don’t monitor the data usage, data plans will diminish in days or even hours.

If you are worried about how to check data usage on android and reduce it, you can utilize two internet monitoring techniques:

The mobile carrier technique

Most people don’t know that you can easily monitor the current data plan usage by just checking with the mobile carrier service. The carrier and internet service provider will provide you with an approximation of how much data you utilize, depending on the period cycle you require.

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You can conduct this process by following the following steps:

1. Go to the mobile carrier’s online portal and log into your account.

Locate the mobile phone’s browser and access the cellular carrier’s website. Some carrier services may require you to provide login details such as passwords so that you can access their online service platform.

2. Locate your data plan to find the current usage and balance.

This page will provide relevant information on the rough percentage of current data utilization and balances. If you notice that you rarely attain the fixed data limit, it advisable to procure a cheaper and smaller data plan.

The android configuration method

If you don’t wish to go online to access the internet usage details, you can obtain the information by locating the inbuilt internet configuration. Here is the simple process of monitoring your data usage.

1. Locate the Settings app on the android device and open it.

Once you click on the settings, locate the internet settings that are usually under the name: Data Usage. A graph of your recent data usage will appear, and below it, several apps ranked according to internet usage.

2. Select the period you want to monitor

Since the android devices normally display a monthly data counter, it is possible to narrow down on a specific week or day to identify the particular internet usage during that period.

3. Identify the applications that utilize data excessively

By regulating the data utilization cycle, it is easy to identify apps that excessively utilize the internet daily.

Monitor Data Usage

Utilize a Wi-Fi Data Usage App

Manually checking the Wireless and mobile network consumption can be strenuous, especially if you are not accustomed to using the android operating system. It is best to download and utilize Wi-Fi data monitoring software. The application i recommend is>> My Data Manager.

Such an application conducts a real-time collection of internet consumption information that you can access and monitor at any time. Modern Wi-Fi utilization apps also support cellular networks’ monitoring, allowing you to kill two birds with one stone.

Wi-Fi usage monitoring apps can be free or paid. It is best to analyze the available options and the features they offer and make an informed choice on which app is favorable.

How to reduce mobile data utilization on android devices

Many individuals struggle on how to check data usage on android and reduce it. Reducing data usage can help reduce your internet expenses while still ensuring you enjoy the data bundle plan. Here are the top ways you can utilize to reduce mobile data consumption.

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1. Set a data warning and limit

All android devices support the creation of a data warning and usage limit under the data utilization configuration. The warning limit creates a notification once the device utilizes the internet and reaches the set megabyte or gigabyte limit. The warning does not stop any utilization of data but serves to notify the user of excess data usage above the set warning limit.

mobile data usage limit

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Usage limit configuration work by restricting any further internet utilization once the android device attains the set limit. The android phone will also notify you that it has reached the set limit. If you are utilizing the android 7.0 operating system and above, they come with an internet saver option inbuilt the OS that significantly reduces data utilization when turned on.

2. Limit individual background data consumption

When you restrict the background data consumption of an application, it can only utilize the internet when you run it, for effective results, limit background internet consumption for software that has a high data utilization history

To restrict background data, locate the data utilization setting, and underneath the graph, select the individual app you want to limit.

Locate the “restrict background data” icon and tick it. Repeat this process for every software that utilizes excess amounts of internet.

3. Remove Automatic Upgrades

App creators always develop better versions that require the end-user to upgrade the current app. The google play store autonomously enhances software applications as part of its default configuration. It means that apps normally auto-upgrade themselves unless you change this setting.

Mobile Phone Auto Updates

To know if your android device automatically upgrades, locate and open the play store app and locate its configuration. Under Auto-update apps,” ensure that you select the option where apps upgrade only over wireless networks.


Most individuals struggle on how to check data usage on android and reduce it. Mobile applications can use up the entire internet plan if left unchecked. It is necessary to set a data limit and control background internet utilization to ensure optimal data utilization.

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