Will Videos Dominate The Field Of Marketing In The Future? 

Will Videos Dominate The Field Of Marketing In The Future?

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Since reading was the only way of gathering information earlier, it was considered to be the most sophisticated and well-researched one. Reading was accessible to people from all spheres of life as it was also the cheapest way of gathering knowledge. Up until late 2000, people would go to a library to gather important information at a very nominal amount. Knowledge gathered from reading books stayed with humans forever as reading would shape human minds and character in the best possible way. This held true up until the invention of smartphones though.

With smartphones, the digital world has undergone an unbelievable transformation. Books are no more the most powerful way of providing access to every information in the whole wide world. It has been replaced by something called the internet. Log in to any website for any kind of information and the internet is going to provide you with anything and everything.

What form of information do you find online? 

With the advancement of technology, the internet has become the cheapest way of extracting any kind of information. All you need is a smartphone, which is anyway available to everyone, and a dedicated internet to get you started. 

The Internet has become a sole source of income for many as it is one of the most powerful mediums when we talk about worldwide reach. People depend on the internet for their day to day activities, so a lot of people have tried to utilize this opportunity by building a career around it. There are various forms of articles, podcasts, infographics, blog posts, videos, etc available online which has enough information available on any topic possible. Those articles are mostly used as content marketing blogs to attract more audiences to a certain website and earn some money out of it. 

Out of all the content available, the most common and widely viewed ones are always the videos. 

Why is video content more popular than the rest?

Writeups are the oldest form of communication and have captured their reader’s hearts for ages. But, online videos are becoming popular by the day due to its intrinsic nature of holding the audience’s attention for longer. Online videos are the most commonly used medium for information and entertainment. Most people with a smartphone aren’t qualified enough to read and understand the content in an article. While videos are a broadcasting medium that keeps the communication very responsive. It is also easier for a less educated individual to understand the content displayed in a video better as opposed to written content. Videos are dominating the web world, so much so that even writeups feed in a few videos to attract more readers.    

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A lot of content marketers are now using videos as a way of pulling in the left out traffic. It would not be wrong to say that videos are the future of content marketing. Studies prove that more than half of the organizations who were earlier dependent on writeups, blogs, or any form of written content are now cashing in on the opportunity of creating videos. 

Social media has been one of the major factors in popularising videos. People prefer watching a video on reading texts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. As we know that the attention span of social media users are very little as it gives users the option of scrolling through the content. Therefore if the content does not hold their attention then they do not invest much time on it. It has been proven that videos are more capable of putting their message across than written content. It is always advisable to promote all your videos from other platforms through social networking sites to pull in the social media crowd.  

How to make the videos more interactive and cashable?

The reach that a video has is unimaginable. Recently, a study conducted on YouTube (a video-featuring website) showed results of over 30 million visitors every day. There are several success stories floating around of entrepreneurs who have turned legends by building a career as a YouTuber. But also, not everyone out there is at the top of their game. Building a career by creating videos requires a lot of hard work and precision. To use the right content that goes with the theme, putting up an authentic and well-researched subject, creating captivating intros and outros to bring in more viewers needs a lot of hard work. One can always use some awesome video making tools like Animaker, Adobe Spark, etc., to create the most attractive, funky, and creative video. 

Videos are the future of content marketing so try to use the medium to its optimum. Invest more time and money in making the video more authentic instead of stylish. Finally, choose creativity over cost because there is no denying that creativity goes a long way.

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