Apart from a router’s IP address, every router also has username and password to be able to go past the login page and access the router’s settings. While most routers allows you to log into their control panel by leaving the password space blank, others simply require you enter ‘admin’ as the default password so that you can have the opportunity of change the password and make peculiarly yours. When it comes to routImage of Recover Router Passworders, passwords are very sensitive credentials that you want to make sure you have right. Before you know how to change and recover your passwords, it is important you learn how to put together the best passwords possible so that you do not have to forget them often.

How to recover password for D Link router

  1. Open your browser and enter this IP address:
  2. Here you are trying to reset your password.Image of D-Link Router Interface
  3. Before your launch your login page through the IP address, go to the back of your router and press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds. This will make your router reboot.Image of D-Link Wi-Fi Router Interface
  4. After that, select the Setup Tab and click on Add device or choose manual. Immediately, your wireless password will be visible.

How to recover password for Asus router

  1. Launch your browser and enter
  2. After that press ok to take you to the login page. Enter the default password and username.
  3. On your C panel, go to Administration.
  4. Then click on the button Restore/Save/Upload Setting. Click on Restore. And select ok to commence the reset process.

Also, you can carry out the reset by pressing and holding the reset button at the back of the router. When this is done, the nest time it is switched on, you will be taken through the setup process to allow you recover your password.

How to recover password for Linksys router

  1. When your router is switched on, go to the back of the device and press and hold the reset button for 10 second to initiate the factory reset setting.
  2. Afterwards, put off the router and back on again and give it about 35 seconds for it to proper come on.
  3. When the reset light stops blinking, connect it to your computer.
  4. When this is done, you will have the opportunity to enter your default password and username and be able to create a new password. It is as easy as that.

Here therefore ways to choose the best passwords:

  • Make it significant: The best to create a password is to make it significant. Make your password resonate with any event that is very important to you. Contrary to popular opinions, good passwords are not just some mumbo jumbo combination of letters, numbers and symbols. You can easily forget your password if you make it so as recalling a complex combination of letter, numbers and symbols could be very difficult. So tie your password to the event that you can easily recall. That way, even when you cannot remember your exact router’s password, recalling the event it is tied to will help.
  • Be careful of using CAPS: It is better to all letters in your password appear in small letters all through so you are not in confusion in the future in the case they your password is made of small and capital letters. Routers’ passwords are always case sensitive. That way, if you make use caps and you do not repeat the same thing when entering your password, you will be denied login.
  • Do not make it your birthdays: In the need to make your router’s password memorable, please do not make it your birthday, as this is the first guess any hacker or anybody snooping around make to get control of your router. Make sure your password is not the year or day or month you were born. However, if you still feel the need to link your router’s password to your birthday, you can choose some digits of your birthday and combine a bit longer string of digits or alphabets you can easily remember.
  • Keep it short: There is no need making your password very long. Keeping it short is the best way to create a very memorable password. The shorter, the better for you. It is always rare to forget a password of four digits or alphabets. So, keeping it short and simple is the best way.

Now, let’s talk about the different ways to get your router’s password:

  • Check the router’s manual: The first place to look when unsure about the default password of your router is to check the manual. This is the first point of call. You will most probably get the default password you are looking for there.
  • Check the sticker on the router: Not all routers come with their passwords written on their stickers though. However, that is the way you will find the default password of some routers. When it is not in the manual, kindly check the sticker on the router.
  • Use a generic password: Most routers always have their passwords as “admin” or in some cases, blank. You can use either of those to guess the right default password for your new router.
  • Lookup RouterPasswords.com: This is a directory site that contains most router’s default usernames and passwords. That site contains a very good list of usernames and passwords. There is a high probability you find the password there.
  • Go to your manufacturer’s website: This is the most certain place you will get the default password of your router. Your manufacturer site should contain a list of the passwords to their router models. And in the case you cannot find them there, you can always reach them through a live chat support on the site or through phone.