10_0_0_1_wifi-icon_image10.0.0.1 is a private IP address for the internet router. However, you do not get to see it on private routers. The IP is only very common with networks that are business oriented. Home networks on the other hand have private IP addresses in the range of You should not however be surprised if you see on a home network. Though the instance of that happening is rare, it still happens.

When the IP address is on a home network, it simply operates like other private IP address. Some of the routers which have as their private IP address are Cisco routers and some Infinity routers made by Comcast.

How to Easily Login to IP address :

  • This is pretty easy and you do not have go through any complex task to carry it out.
  • From your browser, simply enter
  • That should load up the next page. There, you will be asked for your username and password.
  • Please it is important to note that that to connect with private IP address, you have to do so locally by connecting to the router, as you cannot do so over the internet like public IP addresses.
  • This kind of private IP is even rarer on modem routers. Your default password and username on routers using are mostly admin/admin.
Image of 10-0-0-1 Router login

Image of 10-0-0-1 Router login

Ways Private IP Address is Different from Public IP Address

  • Every computer has a public IP address. This kind of IP address is allocated to every computer connected to the internet by the computer ISP (Internet Service Provider). This Public IP Address is a user’s public id on the internet.
  • And also, everyone could access your Public IP address because it is public and can be seen by anyone. On the other hand, private IP addresses are assigned by your router to all computers and devices connected to it on a private network. This one cannot be seen by everyone and no one except computers on the network is allowed to see the private IP address.
  • Also, while your public IP address is your ID online, your private IP address is the token of identification and security given to computers or devices on the shared network of the router.
  • Looking for your IP address can be quite a complex if you do not know how to about it. For Public IP address, you can easily get it over the internet when your computer is connected. Visit www.whatismyip.com to get your public IP address.
  • There are also various ways to look for your router’s private address. Launch your command prompt and enter in “ipconfig”. This will bring up all your computer’s connections and their IP addresses.

 Importance of Private IP Address

  • Accessibility: One, your router’s IP address gives you access into the route’s settings page. That means without the IP address, there is definitely no way you can access the settings of your router and make some very important configurations. Most routers IP addresses are used to enter into the login page of the router. Sabai OS router use IP address like Other routers use IP address such as or That is to very well tell you that IP addresses are very important. What is the need of having a device when you do not have access to it? That is indeed very tragic!
  • For configurations: Also, routers cannot do without IP addresses because you have to go through them to perform an essential configuration to the default IP for IoT devices or other computers that may want to connect to the router. You do not have a total control on your device if you cannot carry out configuration on it. Devices connecting to your router need to have an IP address which can only be configured on your router’s control panel. However, you will need to still have your router’s username and password to proceed into the main C Panel.
  • Troubleshooting purpose: Private IP address can be called upon when troubleshooting is needed for your router. Sometimes, we soon run into minor issues on our router than we need a quick fix on our router to immediately solve the issue by troubleshooting. Troubleshooting cannot therefore be done without access to your username and password.
  • Utmost control: The idea of having a total control over your router can only be achieved when you have your router’s IP address. Anything could go wrong and you would not be able to fix it because your IP address is not just known.
  • Giving connectivity: Remember we mentioned that your router’s issues static IP addresses to devices connecting to it? So, in the case that your router’s IP devices is not known, it would be hard to monitor the IP address your router is issuing out.
  • For security reasons: Knowing your router’s IP address is also very germane if you want to maintain not just a close control on your router but also some very strict security measures. Know that your router has two types of IPs naming Private IP and Public IP? It is good to know both so that you easily identify either of them in any situation, especially in a situation when your Public IP is being displayed over the internet. Knowing your public IP will help you easily detect if your public IP is being hijacked, Piso WiFi hack or cloned by hackers online for some nefarious activities.