Image of wifi router

It would interest you to know that your router has more than one IP address. Are you surprised to learn that? You shouldn’t be. Routers are made of a private IP address and public IP address. A private IP like its name denotes is the one that is used locally which other devices on the router uses to connect.

Another thing you should note is that all devices on your router is automatically given private IP addresses. What this means is that your router can generate as many private IP addresses as possible. On the other hand, your public IP address is the one non-exclusively provided by your network provider once you are connected to the internet.

No wonder therefore your public IP address can be viewed by anyone on the internet. It is why it is called public. Private IP address cannot be viewed by anyone on the outside, except by neighborhood hackers nosing around your computers.

There are many reasons why having you router’s IP address is very significant. Above all, nothing can be done on your router without the IP address of your router.

It is in this light of the above therefore that knowing and having your router’s IP is very significant. It is good now that you know why you need your router’s IP.
Now that you know.. Let’s see how you could find IP addresses for different kinds of routers…

Modem IP address

Locating your modem IP address is quite easily. All you have to achieve that is enter some command prompts. Many people find it hard because they do not know how to go about using the command prompt.

  1. First, launch your Windows start button and enter ‘cmd’ to open your computer’s command prompt.
  2. In the command prompt windows, enter “ipconfig /all” and tap the “Enter”. That would take you to a next page.
  3. On this page, find the Default Gateway as the IP under it is your modem IP address.

Wireless IP address

  1. Go to the settings on your computer then select Network and Internet.
  2. On the left menu panel on the page, click on wifi.
  3. And then Advanced Options, you should see your IP address close to IPV4 Address.

How to find router IP address mac

  1. Open the System Preferences on your Apple computer.
  2. Then select Network under the Internet & Wireless button.
  3. Select the network you are connected to and on “Advanced”.Image of Mac IP Network Configuration
  4. Afterward, select “TCP/IP” That would show you your IP address on your mac.Image of Mac IP Network Configuration

How to find wifi ip address on android

  1. Open your Settings, then proceed to Network & Internet.Image of Android IP Network Configuration
  2. Click on Wifi, then gently tap on the Wireless network’s name that you are on.Image of Android IP Network Configuration
  3. The next page will show you all the details related to the wifi. There you would get the main router access ip address in front of Gateway.
    Image of Android IP Network ConfigurationImage of Android IP Network Configuration

Router username and password

To know your router username and password, check the manual credentials of your router. Or better still, check the manufacturer’s website or our website ModemFriendly home page. Your router should come with a default username and password. Most routers have “admin” for both the default username and password.

Recover router username and password

  • Recovery your router’s username and password is easy.
  • After you have logged in to your router’s settings, make sure you activate the recovery option.
  • Any time you will to carry out a recovery, provide answers to the security questions you are asked and that completes the recovery process.

Importance for knowing your router’s Ip Address

Many people have always asked why the need for an IP address. There are so many reasons why your IP address is very important.

  • Accessibility.
  • Performing configurations.
  • For troubleshooting.
  • Total control.
  • For better connectivity.
  • For more security.