In this post I will discus with you many interesting topics including What is router, How to login to your router, What is your router IP, Net-gear Router login, TP-Link Router Login, Linksys Router Login, Asus Router Login, Nighthawk Router Login, etc…

What is a router?

It is very important to know what a router is before we begin talking about how to login into a router. In fact, you need to know everything about a router.

A router is simply an interconnected device between computers that are connected to different sources

of network. In other words, a router is a network physical ware that facilitates communication between your very own computer and other computers connected to the internet.

Image of D-Link Wi-Fi Router Login

With a router, therefore your computer becomes the sole administrator on the network and can override the actions other connected computers over the router network. What a router essentially does is act as a middleman between your computers and those other computers. The router in this case could also serve as a security shield over the computers on that network.

To keep your router a very effective device for security, it is important you keep carrying out a frequent update on it to keep it working at its prime function. The router is made with a software known as firmware. This software goes outdated quite soon and is more security porous with bugs when it is not constantly updated. You should also note that most computers would work with a router without the installation of drivers and some new routers come with a plug and play function that allows for easy installation as soon as they are connected to a computer. Routers have been known to act as little servers between computers as they serve their connected computers IP addresses.

How to Login to your router?

Logging in to your router should be easy. It does not contain a convoluted process that creates a technological complex of some sort.

To log into your router;

  • Open your browser and punch in your IP address. This is the IP address issued by the router you are using. As mentioned earlier, the router issues IP addresses to all the computers connected on it.
  • Your browser will load up on the command of the IP and give you the login page.
  • On the log in page, enter the user name as ‘admin’ and leave the password place blank as it is always so by default on every router.
  • Afterward, click Ok to log in.

What is my router’s IP?

Your router comes with 2 IP addresses. Basically, these two IP addresses are called public and private addresses.

The IP addresses are known as the WAN (Wide Area Network) and LAN (Local Area Network).

  • The WAN is the broader IP address that connects your computer to the larger network called the internet.
  • While the LAN connects your computers with other networks in a local domain. The private IP can also be called the Gateway IP address.

This Gateway IP address enables your network to access other the internet. What this means is that without the Gateway IP address, your computer on the router cannot connect with the internet. This IP address is very significant in the sense that all settings are configured through the IP address too.

However, if there is a situation where someone needs to access your local network through the internet, you will then need to know the public IP address. The public IP address is the main connector to the world. Also, to alter the settings of your router to make it access the outside world, you will need to do so through browser interface on your local network. Also, to know you can simply do so by an automatic search or through manual search. An automatic search involves you imputing. The automatic search is easier, you simply visit some online site to do that.

How to log into your Netgear Router?

Image of Netgear Wi-Fi Router AccessLogging into any router could be quite complex if you do not know how to go about it. Knowing how to log in to your router is the first and very important step towards using it. To log into your Netgear router;

  • Open your browser. Please note that logging into your Netgear router is not browser specific. You can use any kind of browser to make the login attempt. So, do not fret that your browser might not be browser specific. Irrespective of what browser you have on your PC, launch it.
  • However, before you log in to your Netgear router, make sure you have retrieved the router’s IP from the settings on your computer. That is so because the router’s IP is very important in making a successful login on your Netgear router and on any kind of router for that matter. So, make sure you have done this before anything else.
  • After you have launched your browser, simply input your router’s address or IP address into the browser and see it load up your router’s login page. If this does do and you can find the logo of your router on the page to show you are on the login page of your router, then you should try troubleshooting your router to fix the problem.
  • If your Netgear router is working ok and you are on the login page, input ‘admin’ as your username into the appropriate space. In the password space, simply type in ‘password’. This is how it happens on all Netgear routers. However, some other routers come with another kind of default login setting where you just have it simply leave the password space blank.
  • After filling ‘admin’ into the username space and filling the required letters in the password space, then Ok or Proceed or whatever appear as the button that executes the login command. You should also note that it is necessary you change your password setting for security reasons so that you would not have to always fill in ‘password’ as your login password whenever you want to login into your Netgear router.

Troubleshooting your Netgear Router

In the case that your Netgear router would not log in why following all those instructions. Then do the following:

  • First, ensure you are connected to your Netgear router’s network.
  • Then input your router’s log in address.
  • After you have done this and your browser is up, open your browser’s settings and clear the cache and cookies. It is as simple as that.

How do I access Netgear router if I forgot the password?

Forgetting your password on any router could really put anyone in a very serious mess. You may be so confused about what to do next. In fact, most people are confused about what to do whenever they lose access to their router’s password or they cannot just seem to figure out what it is. The human memory is a very slipper bunch of cells. And sometimes, memories just slip off us.

With Netgear, you can never go wrong as password recovery is pretty easy. This is so as Netgear always advises that you set up your password recovery setting whenever you are changing the default password that came with the router. This is indeed necessary so you do not have to go through a lot of off complex situations or get totally confused when you cannot just remember your Netgear router password anymore. Please note that a host of browsers support the password recovery function except Safari browser. Browsers which support the password recovery function are Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and others. You should learn how to enable the password recovery function on your netgear router. But before that, let’s see how you could recover your router password in no time and easily.

  • First, input into the address bar of your browser and a page will launch up.
  • Immediately this pages comes up, click the cancel button. Please note that if the password recovery function has been activated, a page will ask you to provide the serial number of the netgear router. You can always find the serial number of the netgear router on the router’s label. Enter the serial number and proceed.Image of Router Login Interface
  • After that will screen will pop up asking you to provide answers to your security questions. Mind you, these are the security questions you must have set up when activating the password recovery function.
  • Then enter the answers to the security questions. When you have done so, click continue. Immediately after this, you will be informed your password has just been recovered.
  • Then try logging anew into your router through the login page again. When you are on the login page this time around, enter the recovered password.

How do I activate the password recovery function on my Netgear router?

  • Remember, doing this will enable you to recover your password in the future. So, activating your password recovery function is very important as day. To set up your password reset function, follow the steps below carefully and you should have no problem getting it up and done.
  • First, launch your browser. You choose do this on any device in as much as the device is connected with your Netgear router.
  • Input or into the address bar.
  • Then enter your username and password to login. Know that your username is ‘admin’ and your password is ‘password’. Also, they are very case sensitive so make sure none of the letters is in caps.Image of Connect To Router Using Username and Password
  • After proceeding from the login page, you should now be on your Basic Home screen page. On the home screen page, click ADVANCED, then go to Administration and from there to Set Password. Following that set of instructions will bring the Set Password page.
  • On that same page, tick the box in front of the Enable Password Reset. Then pick on any two security questions of your choice and provide your preferred answers. But just note that you must remember whatever answers you provide, as you will be needing them whenever you need the recovery password function.
  • After you have provided the answers, click Apply and save the new changes and you are done.

TP-Link Router Login

Many think logging into their TP link router settings could be difficult. Yeah, why it may be partly true. When you carefully follow the steps, logging into your TP-link router is a piece of cake.

  • First, make sure you are connected to the TP link router. Open your browser and enter the Tp link router IP address which is: (NOT
  • Entering that IP address should take you to the login page of your Tp link router. Please note that your default username and password details are both ‘admin’.
  • What that means is that when you are on your login page, enter ‘admin’ into the spaces provided for both username and password. It is like that for almost all the models of Tp link router.

Some of the models of TP-link router are TL-WR841N, TL-WR741N, TL-WR940N, Archer 3200, Archer C7, C9, and Archer 3200. Login into your Tp link router is that easy. There is no complex, as you can see, when it comes to logging into your Tp link router. Now, you can configure the Tp link router anyhow you want.

Linksys Router Login

  • Open your browser and enter the Linksys IP address in the browser’s address bar? The router’s address is
  • Unlike some routers out there, when you get to the login page of your Linksys router, simply leave the username space blank (that means do not enter anything there) and enter ‘admin’ in the password space.
  • After you have don’t this, click ok to proceed to the next stage.

Asus Router Login

  • First, make sure your Asus router is well connected to your computer of device before you begin the action.
  • After that, open your browser, and type in the IP address of your Asus router. If you do not know the IP address of your Asus router, you can alternatively enter or
  • That would take you to the login page of your Asus router login page using the IP address. A screen will immediately pop up asking you to enter your username and password. Note that you are to enter ‘admin’ for both username and password. For more information, check our main page to see how best you can recover router password.
  • After clicking ok, that should take you to the next page where you can see your Asus router main screen.

Nighthawk Router Login

Logging into the Nighthawk router device is simple.

  • Like other routers, launch your browser and enter the IP into your browser.
  • That would take you to the log in page.
  • After logging in, you can also configure the router’s settings by changing the username and password.

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