How to Connect Modem to Laptop via Ethernet Cable

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In this article I will discuss with you how to connect modem to laptop via Ethernet cable in a simplified manner ensuring that you do not get lost on the way.

How to Connect Modem to Laptop via Ethernet Cable

how to connect modem to laptop via Ethernet cable diagram

Would you like to discover better internet experience? In this guide, we are going to explain step by step on how to directly connect your laptop and modem via an Ethernet cable. Our guides are meant to induce productivity in your online activity. To summarise the steps to take in bullet form, here is what you should note;

  • Connect Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port on your laptop.
  • Connect other end of Ethernet cable to your modem’s LAN port (Yellow port)
  • Ensure that the Ethernet light is flashing green next to the port you are using.
  • Configure your Modem on the Laptop’s Network Settings

Since it is essential to describe the process briefly. Here are the steps in detail.

Computer Boot

Immediately before connecting any wires, ensures that you boot your computer. There are reasons why booting is essential and avoid faulty errors during software updates is one of them. Note that one of the steps involves installing the modem’s software. Hence booting the computer first will help flash your laptop’s RAM and stop memory leaks.

Software Installation

Your new modem came with software which acts as the device driver. After the laptop boot process, install the software.

Coaxial Cable – Modem Cable Outlet connection

Port a coaxial cable to your modems cable outlet slot. This slot is located at the back of the modem. Make sure the cable is intact with the modem by spinning the metal piece at the end of the cable.

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Connect the Power Cord

Connect your modem to the power cord. Make sure that the modem lights after turning the power on.

Ethernet Cable Connection

Use an Ethernet cable to connect your modem to the laptop. You might notice that the modem may fail to light. If that is the case, turn off the modem and plug the Ethernet cable to a different port on the modem. After you turn on the modem, the Ethernet light should turn green.

Network Configuration

At this point, you need to configure your modem so that it works with your operating system.

Click on the windows button if you are using a Windows PC. Select Network Options on the control panel and choose view the properties. Ensure the viewed properties are of your typical modem LAN network. Further, you will click Internet Protocol and finally Properties. At this point, select Obtain the IP address automatically.

If you are using a MacBook, go to system preferences. Click on the Network Pane, and it’s where you will find the Network Settings. You will configure your modem settings on the network Setup Assistance.


You will not find a big difference between connecting your laptop with a modem and connecting your desktop to the modem. The steps to follow are the same. All you need to ensure a smooth surfing configuration is to have all the required devices at hand, read the modems user manual and you are good to go.

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