Ubee DVW3201B router loginAre you having trouble with ubee Dvw3210b router login? If you do, then you are in the right place. The ubee line of routers and modems are arguably some of the best. In addition, the routers adopt the latest technology and this is evident with the introduction of the dvw3201b. This is router has passed numerous tests and earned a DOCSIS 3.0 certification. In addition, this router has RJ45 ethernet ports which are geared at enhancing your connectivity.

With the Ubee router, you need not worry about connectivity issues. Changing settings is quite easy courtesy of the quick login process. Moreover, connecting and monitoring your devices is seamless. But unfortunately, devices never fail to disappoint.

As a result, you are bound to face a myriad of problems with the network speed, compatibility issues, bad login interface and also antennae and ports. Luckily, this post is geared towards providing solutions for any login problems you encounter. Additionally, this guide will come in handy for both the experienced and first-time users.

How to Login to Ubee Dvw3210b Router

After the router setup, you can now focus on ubee router login. As you will notice, this process is similar across most of the brand’s models. The only difference is that the new model has an enhanced performance. To login to your ubee router, be sure to follow the steps below.

  • Open your browser

To access the user interface which also acts as the control panel, you need to access the internet. Therefore, you need to ensure that you have a browser. Once you have accessed the login page via your browser, you will be requested to provide an IP address on the browser’s URL. Every router brand contains its own unique URL.

Default IP address for Ubee Router
For Ubee routers, the most common addresses are: and When conducting this step, ensure that your PC is connected to the internet via the Ubee wi-fi or hard wire.
  • Login to the Router

Once you have found the Ubee address compatible with your router, you will be redirected to the Ubee router login page. On this page you should provide your username and router in order to unlock other features. For first time users, you should enter the default details that came with your router. In most ubee routers, the credentials are printed on the router’s bottom side.

In case you are using this router for the first time, you will have to enter the default credentials for your router. For most routers, the default credentials are Username: user and password: user. However, if you have changed the login details, be sure to use your new login combination. If you have forgotten the details, no need to panic. Grab a pin and insert it in the rest button and long-press for 15 seconds. This help reset your router to its default settings.

Default Login details for Ubee
Username: admin
Password: admin
  • Apply the default settings

When you successfully login to the router, you will access the home screen from where you can make an array of changes. The homepage allows you to amend crucial settings that determine the functionality of the router. Among the settings that you can change include: username, password, SSID and security settings.

If you are looking to change the default login credentials, it is quite easy. Simply, go on the homepage, look for the tools option from the menu bar at the top of the page and find the option you want to change. When changing the router’s password, it is important that you bear security in mind. To create a secure password, follow these steps.

  • Create a password that is 15 characters long
  • Include alphanumeric characters in your password
  • Do not use personal details like nicknames or important dates
  • Avoid using names or symbols that you are associated with as they may be easy to guess

How to Change SSID

SSID refers to the various Wi-Fi options you see when you activate Wi-Fi option on your device. Changing SSID is an important security measure that will help deter hackers from accessing your network and making changes.

To amend SSID on your router, simply: find the wireless option in the menu bar located above Ethernet option. With the wireless option on, click on network option on your left. Here you will see the network name/SSID. hen making changes ensure that you provide a user-friendly name that is not associated with you.

Problems that you may Encounter with your Ubee Router Plus Solutions

  1. Password failure

It is normal for passwords to fail once in a while.  However, this mainly happens for two reasons: This may be because of entering an incorrect default password or due to forgetting the new password. Fortunately, forgetting the password should not be a cause for alarm as you are presented with the easy reset option.

All you need to do is press and hold the reset button for 15 seconds. To avoid the hassle of having to reset your router and creating new credentials, you may consider writing the password in a secret place. Alternatively, you can use a unique combination that you can easily recall.

  1. Resetting the router to default settings?

The reset button will certainly come in handy in helping you solve a myriad of issues. Apart from assisting with password loss, the reset button will help with restoring the router back to its default settings.

  1. Network not working after changing configuration settings

Making configuration changes is an important move towards enhancing the routers performance. However, some changes may affect the functionality of your device. This does not mean you discard your router. All you need is to return the router to zero using the 30 30 30 hard reset maneuver. This trick is usually the last option especially if you cannot login to the interface to change the settings.

Connecting my Ubee router to other devices

In today’s world, most electronic devices require internet connectivity to function. However, most of these devices have a high bandwidth consumption rates which affects the network. So, how do you regulate internet consumption? Well, you may consider the hard wire option.

The fact that devices like gaming consoles and video devices dump load of data on the network affects its speed. You may consider connecting the heavy consuming devices using ethernet cables.

Enhancing network strength for my Ubee router

The strength of your network is crucial in determining your internet experience. Nonetheless, there are a myriad of factors that cause a decline in the network strength. Fortunately, you can fix network problems like a pro by using the steps below.

  1. Disable SSID

The issue of disabling SSID, is a hotly contested topic. Well, it is an option that works but it will certainly leave your router vulnerable. This move is recommended as the last option once every other move has failed. In addition, disabling SSID, may also mark the start of connection problems. Be sure to wisely weigh your options before taking this measure.

  1. Select networks manually

Most ubee routers have “auto” selection as their default setting. This option randomly selects networks thus making it difficult to settle for the strongest network. Manual selection allows you to find a strong network that is free of interruption from other signals.

To choose a solid network, you need to find out neighboring signals. To find these signals, use a windows PC and click start. Type ‘cmd’ and open command prompt. Then type “netsh wlan show all”. This will reveal a list of networks around you and you can choose one with the least interference.

  1. Find the frequency

The frequency of your router is key in determining the connection you enjoy. Ubee routers allow for frequency upgrades in a bid to enhance connectivity. However, the results of upgrading the frequency will vary depending on the router model. For past models, upgrading the frequency may affect the functionality of the router. But for newer models, upgrading to a frequency of 5GHz will enhance the routers performance.

  1. Reboot your router

Rebooting your router may prove to be the perfect remedy for improving internet connectivity. Although routers are designed to operate non-stop, a simple reboot exercise will go a long way towards improving the router’s performance. All you need is a schedule when you can be rebooting your router.

Experiencing slow network occasioned by poor signal coverage is quite normal. However, this does not necessarily mean that the router is to blame for the slow internet connection. At times, poor signal may be as a result of wrongly placing your router.


The spot where you place your router goes a long way towards determining how it receives the signal. Therefore, ensure that you place your router on a raised surface and away from any obstacles. On the other hand, poor signal might be influenced by a technical error from the network providers end. For this reason, you should consider contacting your internet provider when all restoration efforts fail.

Encountering ubee router login issues with your does not call for you to spend lots of cash in seeking professional help. Most of the issues you encounter with your router require simple remedies that will return the performance of your device to normalcy. With the steps above no issue should stop you from enjoying a seamless internet experience.