How to Change Your Wireless Name

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From the moment we make the contract with an ISP, we must immediately configure the modem. At this point, we begin to correctly insert our references. Here we have a random name of the wireless network given by the ISP itself and/or by the brand of the modem. In this case, it becomes inconvenient than to look for our network among all the others. So it’s better to change the name and customize it. It is very important to do this because the network becomes more difficult to reach. Or unrecognizable for those who have discovered the password.

In the following guide, we will show you how to change your wireless name…

How to Change Your Wireless Name

Switching on the router

The first thing to do is to turn on the computer and the router. At this point, we verify that the latter sends the signal by going to visit any page. We search on google and write in the search bar the model of our router of which we are interested in the default IP address. The following operation is not necessary if the instruction booklet or the same address written in the modem is still present. A final method is to go to the command prompt. Then type ipconfig, what interests us is found under “Default gateway”.

The IP address

We continue typing that IP address. This is found in the address bar without being preceded by www. At this point, we are asked to connect and enter the router user and password. This information is written in the modem’s user manual. But generally, they are both admin. Or we leave the user field empty and write admin in that password. In this case, it is enough to make a couple of attempts or search in the various forums dealing with router models like ours.

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Wireless option

After logging in, we choose “Wireless”. Here we can change all the settings related to the wireless network, to the password. At this point, we choose the SSID entry. If this is missing we will choose Network Name or a series of numbers and letters separated by a dash. Then we can enter the name we have chosen. The latter should not be entered too personal or containing parts of passwords. As it can be seen by those who have network receivers and are within range of our network.


Without this, we can save our changes from the appropriate button and close the configuration page. You can proceed with the name change of the network even if you are not connected to the internet and proceeding in the same way as above. Here’s how to change the name of the wireless network.

After changing the name to the network, all devices connected to the router, including the computer you are using, disconnect from the internet.

On all devices in use, it will then be necessary to open the Wi-Fi settings, find the new name of the Wi-Fi network and enter the password to reconnect again.

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