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How Can you USE your Own Router with AT&T U-verse

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Many people nowadays are looking for ways in which they can shift to AT and T U-verse. AT and T gives out a housing gateway in case one subscribes to AT and T fiber or U-verse. It is very simple to use even though it misses many features that are expected in routers in modern technology. Router AT and T deliveries 802.11 n 2.4 GHz.

Many people have plans to stream high definition movies and videos from the server or maybe moving large files using the WI-FI, and then, they are forced to use their own router with the current faster 802.11 ac WI-FI.

If you are wondering how then this article will explain how to establish your own router using AT and T U-verse.

Now, let me assume that the AT and T represented established your own internet services and you are able to use or get access to the webpages, the initial issues to deal with it is to plug in your personal router. Then you will have to run the Ethernet cable from the Wide Area Network (WAN) port of your own router to the LAN port that is on AT and T router. After that, then you will have to go to your personal computer and type in the browser which you are using. That will be the IP address of the AT and T modem. It gives you permission to configure settings.

Then having reached this step, you will go to the wireless settings and you will be needed to click on the wireless settings beneath the key Things you can do with the use of your gateway. If you arrive at the wireless setting, then you will be needed to find the WI-FI settings and disable it. At this point, you will already be through with the AT-T modem.

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The next step will be now configuring your own router.

The following steps must be followed to set up your router:

  • You will need to turn off the modem
  • Remove the modems Ethernet cable from the personal computer.
  • Join the cable to WAN on the router.
  • Plug on the modem and wait for at least two minutes
  • Plug on the router and wait for at least two minutes.
  • Use the other Ethernet cable to join the computer to the routers LAN port
  • And lastly, turn on your computer.
  • From here, enter the IP address of the router in the web browser you are using or start the Airport utility app.
  • After either initiating one of them, go back to your settings. In the router settings beneath the network section, find the option DHCP or find the bride mode.
  • Then you are needed to have the router in the bride mode because you will be linking a router to another one. It will enable your router to use the IP address of the AT and T modem. This will broadcast you WI-FI.

If you will have followed the steps correctly, you shall see your WI-FI network and you will access the internet.

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