The Best Routers for Large Homes 2020

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I don’t know how one feels after purchasing that dream house he always yearned to own. Probably you have saved for years to purchase a large house that you might call home for the rest of your life. You will concur with me when I say that it is always a challenge accessing the internet when you have a large house. This calls for a best routers for large homes with high penetrating power and suits a long-range.

Therefore, you immediately embark on searching for the best router that will serve your large home. It might be hard knowing the right one to choose, especially in this age where everyone wants their items purchased. This, made me do comprehensive research on the best routers for large homes in 2019.

  1. The ASUS RT-AC88U

It is often termed as the Lexus of Wireless routers. I will, however, give it a new name today. It’s not only a gaming router but a long-range router. So, can we call it Multi-Purpose? It comes with a myriad of features that fits people with large houses greatly. The four by four antenna design fitted with AiRadar is always unrivaled when you need long-range connectivity.

Key Specs

High-speed 802.11ac dual-band boosting up to 3167 Mbps.

Four by four antenna design

Aggregates links for to 2Gbps wired network speeds

Supports AiMesh – This is a key feature that allows you to connect to other ASUS routers and create a powerful network.

8 Gigabit LAN ports


Compatible to AiMesh

Has an excellent Wi-Fi Performance

It is enabled to Multiple Output (MU-MIMO)

Has a Long-range connectivity


Relatively high price

The 3.0 USB port is positioned in an awkward position

Mediocre NAS performance

  1. The Linksys WRT1900ACS

Linksys is a long-range router with all the adjectives of fast and easy to use. The versatility that it is made with has made so likable to most people and thus becoming popular. Linksys WRT1900AC has incorporated various features that lacked in its predecessor, making it exceedingly powerful. The powerful antennas help greatly in offering uninterrupted connections in large homes.

Key Specs

Wireless AC that makes it superfast

High-performance antennas that are engineered to enhance double band communication

The antennas are adjustable. You can position them to the area of best fit

Dual-Core processor – promoting high-speed connections

One-year warranty that protects you against defects in workmanship


Suits many users – due to the quick and easy setup

Can connect many people and still work efficiently

The user has an option of prioritizing devices or websites and also get parental controls of the content

Best for very large homes

The support team is always available to help

A relatively fair amount for such an awesome fast and long-range connection


Frequently Overheats

Anyone can access and customize the router

  1. Trendnet AC2600 StreamBoost MU-MIMO Wi-Fi Router (TEW-827DRU)

Trendnet AC2600 StreamBoost MU-MIMO Wi-Fi Router (TEW-827DRU), is specially made to offer an uninterrupted connection in a heavily connected large home. The company has maximized on generating two quad-stream Wi-Fi networks; 1733 Mbps and a concurrent 800 Mbps Wi-Fi Network. MU-MIMO technology is made to perform different data streams concurrently.

Key Features

Simultaneous dual-band quad stream 1733 Mpbs Wi-Fi AC and 800 Mpbs Wi-Fi bands

MU-MIMO technology that allows the router to process different data simultaneously

Qualcomm StreamBoost Traffic Shaping

The Wi-Fi is pre-encrypted with a unique personal password

It is compatible with other legacy devices


Relatively easy setup

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Guest Network available

MU-MIMO enabled

Wireless uninterrupted performance

4 Ethernet Ports that run up to 1.5Gbps

Dual 3.0 USB ports

Advanced technology features

You can customize your preference in terms of prioritizing the connected devices

3-year TrendNET Warranty


Has not received any updates since it was launched

The User Interface is slightly inefficient

Lagging interface page


  1. The Portal AC2400

If you really need a long-range router for your large home or office, then Portal AC2400 is a nice option to try. The device is made by Ignition Design Labs. They ensured that they did not compromise on quality when they were developing the router. It, therefore, falls among the best resource you can invest in. Additionally, the router has the mesh technology that ensures that the whole house is well connected and no buffering present whatsoever. Your family will enjoy a continuous roaming with appealingly attractive 5GHz.

Key Features

Two USB ports

It has a secure WebUI

Weighs 1.6 pounds

5 GB Ethernet ports

4 feet long power cord


You can separate the radio bands

Very fast speeds

Comes with a mobile app and UI

Enable the web interface and rename the SSID

You can control the content received from the internet

Configures static routing

A relatively good period of warranty – 3 years

It has a split-intelligence processor that ensures you get a consistent wide area coverage


It doesn’t have the 3.0 USB port

The wire cord is relatively smaller. An extra of 2 feet is needed

It lacks software features

Doesn’t have e-SATA port

  1. The NETGEAR Nighthawk X10

The NetGear Nighthawk X10 touched the base with a loud command. It has nothing less than excellent, consistent speeds and coverage across your area. It is best for modern homes that are relatively large. The router is best in connecting multiple devices concurrently without a rumor of buffering.

Key Specs

Supplies a constant full speed connection to coverage of up to 2500 sq ft

Can hold up to 45 devices with reliable streaming and gaming connection

The near devices can access the six ethernet ports

Equipped with modern technology

Has parental controls

It is fitted with WPA2 wireless security


Commendable 5GHz performance throughout

Beautiful design

Supports 10Gbps

Supports the current 802.111 ad Wi-Fi standard

Very fast wired connectivity for high-end users

Fast performance for network storage

Has four amplified antennas that help in routing


Too expensive and bulky

The web interface is slow – need improvement

The 802.11ad signal has a shorter range

  1. Google Wi-Fi

The unprecedented launch of the Google Wi-Fi matched the performance of the Netgear Orbi. Google Wi-Fi has outdone the normal technology that we are used to and has introduced the Wireless mesh. This undertaking has surely paid off for most people are willing to get it instead of the bulky and expensive ASUS and NightHawks. Additionally, Google Wi-Fi has more mesh units at a relatively low price that suits almost everyone. They focused on availability in terms of price and simplicity in terms of setting up the router. This was a win-win, especially for people who only want to have a connection without wanting much.

Key Specs

The wireless connectivity: IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, AC1200 2×2 Wave 2 Wi-Fi (dual-band 2.4GHz and 5GHz, TX beamforming); Smart Bluetooth ready

Quad-core ARM CPU processor – Cores run up to 710MHz

Has 512MB RAM

Has 4GB eMMC flash disk

The Beamforming is both implicit and explicit for the 2.4 and 5GHz bands

It weighs 12oz each


Very easy setup

Greatest valued router

Elegant design

Modern technology


Relatively low AC rating

Limits the controls of the hardware

  1. The TP-Link AC5400

This is a great router; although it has nothing unique in terms of features and technology from the common router we have. It is a worthy route to invest despite some shortcomings. People willing to fig deep into their pockets can choose this one. It has an exemplary performance on speed tests and connectivity via objects such as walls and ceilings. This makes it nice for people living in large homes, probably with more than one floor. Its antennas are notable features that everyone wants to have them point to their direction. However, for this router, the antennas are fixed, but they are extremely big compared to many at this level.

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Key Specs

Tri-Band 802.11 AC – Speed up the connection

Has eight powerful antennas

It has 1 WAN/8 LAN Gbps and two 3.0USB ports

Dimensions – 11.2 x 11.2 x 7.6 inches

1.8 GHz quad-core and up to a ROM of 1GB



The overall performance is commendable

It has an integrated 8-port Gigabit switch

The setup and configuration process is easy

It has a robust QoS


Very expensive

Not so appealing for people who are mindful about the design

The 2.4 GHz is slow

  1. The AmpliFi HD Home Wi-Fi System

For people who mind about their style, the AmpliFi HD Wi-Fi System is a nice choice. It covers a large house in Wi-Fi goodness and uninterrupted connectivity. It is another addition of the list that is growing daily of mesh Wi-Fi routers. There are the repeaters that help in spreading the wireless network in large homes. This router can be bought as a unit that includes a router base station and other two wireless MeshPointHD. They are used to extend the Wi_Fi coverage. If you don’t have a large house, then you can also buy the router and a single mesh separately. The design of this router stands out from many others. You can obviously tell that the developer was conscious about the end design and style. This design combines with the efficiency of the router to form a nice end-product.

Key Specs

Three dual-band antennas

Supports power save

Dual Bands that allows steady supply throughout


It is a compatible router

It comes with a plug-in mesh extenders

There is a dedicated band control

It has 4 LAN ports

The mesh points amplify the signal to cover over 10000 sq. feet


It is relatively expensive

There is no desktop admin interface

It has minimal settings

The mesh points are large

The USB doesn’t support external peripherals

  1. D-Link DIR 890L – Best Range Wireless Router

This router is among the fascinating router I have encountered. It is fast, easy to use, with impeccable stability of the Wi-Fi signal. However, at $310 it becomes the most expensive router in that class. Honestly, I cannot figure out the reason for such a hefty cost. Just like other tri-bans routers, the D-Link DIR 890L is an overstatement. However, if you live in an extremely large house with plenty of obstructions, then I would not hesitate to recommend it. It has powerful hardware with a total of 6 antennas. It is also a relatively huge router when compared with others on its caliber.

Key Specs

Ultimate Wi-Fi speed for large homes

Tri-Band Wi-Fi

Smart bandwidth that distributes the connection to ensure optimum performance

You can access the network remotely

Dual-Core processor


Established Wi-Fi Connection for large homes

Has a lot of added technology features


Very expensive

Not so fast as its peers on the same level

The web user interface has no power-user choices

  1. Netgear Mesh Range Extender EX8000

The mesh routers are the ultimate Wi-Fi extenders best for long-range and large houses. NetGear was not left behind on this. Just like Google Wi-Fi, they created their Mesh routers. These extenders are increasable to a range of 2500 sq. Ft. I might be forced to say that this is an overkill for small offices and homes. It works best in large homes that require a long-range router.


Easy setup

Excellent backhaul

Supports MU-MIMO



Mediocre performance

Wrap Up

In my opinion, the mesh Wi-Fi routers are increasing rapidly, and there is a need for the developers of normal Wi-Fi to watch out. Their efficiency is also commendable, and that is the reason why they have increased and caught the attention of many people. To the style, the mesh routers are stylish and elegant too. For people who are keen on the elegance of their home, may choose this.

However, they have a major drawback of being relatively expensive. People willing to buy the mesh routers, which are considered as the best routers for large homes, must be willing to dig deeper into their pockets. Living without a router that serves a big home is a great disadvantage. Nothing is as good as having an uninterrupted session as you are surfing, even in a large home where you are many, and there are lots of obstruction.

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