Pepwave Surf Soho Review

Pepwave Surf Soho Review – UPDATED 2020| Pepwave Surf On The Go

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A professional-grade router which is easy to use, reliable and secure, the Pepwave Surf SOHO is built to stay with you for long years. It is manufactured by Peplink, a reputed player in the mobile networking arena, focused on high-end applications including everything from cellular connectivity for vehicles to network installations of entire buildings for offices and hotels.

In this Pepwave Surf SOHO review, we take a closer look at the Pepwave Surf SOHO router and analyze its features and performance in detail to help our readers make an informed decision.

Peplink routers are not particularly designed to cater to mobile users, they offer some solid products which mobile users can rely on.

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Pepwave Surf Soho Review – UPDATED 2019

Pepwave Surf Soho Review

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Pepwave Surf SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) router is a capable product featuring an Ethernet WAN port, four downstream gigabit Ethernet ports and a support for hotspot tethering over USB. Such an amazing blend of features makes this router highly suited to become the hub of any mobile network.


  • WAN Interface – 1×100/1000M Ethernet Port
  • 1x USB interface
  • Wi-Fi as WAN
  • LAN Interface – Simultaneous dual-band 11ac
  • 4×100/1000M Ethernet ports
  • Operating Frequency – 2412 – 2472MHz and 5180 – 5825MHz
  • Power Consumption – 26W Max with USB WAN
  • Weight – 0.86 lbs
  • Dimensions – 9.17 x 5.6 x 1.18 inches

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Design and Setup

The back of the router has multiple ports with three antenna connections, one USB port, five Ethernet ports, a reset hole and the power port. You can setup the router by screwing in the antennas. Next, you can plug in your modem with an Ethernet port to the Surf SOHO. Then, you can plug in the power and start it.

When connected to an internet source, it automatically starts sending out signal. You can change the settings like account and password when you set up the router. You can connect the computer to the SSID which sends you to the login page where you can enter the login credentials. The first page is Dashboard where you find Priorities that lets you add WiFi networks to connect to and cable connections. Connecting to a Wi-Fi network is really simple. Just click on Connections and select the network you want to connect to.

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The Pepwave Surf SOHO router allows connecting to the internet using Ethernet, USB cellular modem or Wi-Fi. It can be hooked to cellular and Ethernet connections and it automatically switches from one connection to another as required. This way, you can always stay connected to the internet even when the network breaks.

The Surf SOHO is simple to use as well as secure. It allows isolating devices by assigning Ethernet ports to different VLANs. You can even create isolated networks on Wi-Fi networks so that guests can’t see each other. The firmware is built in-house and updated regularly so it is quite reliable and secure.

The router also has a built-in L2TP server allowing up to three simultaneous OpenVPN vs WireGuard including tablet and smartphone. All the sensitive information is kept safe.

The Surf SOHO never collapses and is built to last. You can rely on the hardware, firmware maintenance and security updates.

Peplink – What You Should Know?

Peplink is a leading provider of wired as well as wireless SD-WAN solutions. They are involved in creating the easiest to use and the most reliable routers. They develop multi-WAN VPN bonding routers and access points with intuitive, straightforward interface, industry-leading durability and powerful features which are unbeatable. Right from emergency vehicles and home-office users to enterprise networks, they help customers migrate from traditional WAN to SD-WAN solutions delivering higher reliability, increased bandwidth and reduced costs.

Peplink routers are designed from the ground up to provide reliable and stable connectivity in any scenario. The company specializes in making complicated technologies easy to use. The proprietary VPN technology allows configuring complicated multi-connection, multi site WANs in just a few clicks. The cloud based monitoring system allows customers to manage a number of devices through a single interface. Peplink also offers a global technical support to resolve any issues that users may come across.

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Customer Reviews and Score on Amazon

On, this router has been reviewed 105 times, and it currently has a 4.1 out of 5-star rating.

Pepwave Surf On The Go & Pepwave Surf 200 – Which Is Better?

Both Pepwave Surf On The Go and Pepwave Surf 200 are versatile networking devices for business and personal use. Surf On the Go is a powerful OTG router with four different modes and can operate as Wi-Fi adapter, 3G/4G/LTE USB router, broadband Wi-Fi router or Wi-Fi repeater while providing additional security to the connections. It has support for Wi-Fi as WAN, wired WAN and various modems to let you use a variety of networks wherever you go. It offers a broadcast range of up to 150 feet allowing your co-workers, friends and family to connect to the network.

The Pepwave Surf 200 is the perfect solution to use citywide Wi-Fi network at home. It features integrated home Wi-Fi access point to connect to the mesh network while serving wirelessly as indoor LAN covering numerous devices. The Home AP is always ON even when the connection to the citywide network is not available. The Surf 200 can replace a traditional home access point device as the AP is always on and works independently of the Wi-Fi status.

While Pepwave Surf 200 is an ideal networking device for home and office users, Pepwave Surf On The Go suits frequent travelers who would like to utilize multiple networks on the go.

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