If you want to get logged into your router’s interface, you need to get the IP address of your router. Aside from that, you are also required to determine its fixed username and password. One of the most known IP addresses is the

The is one of the few IP address options that is considered to be special. This is because you can use it several times. Together with the, the is also included in the list of the private IP addresses.

This type of IP address option can be utilized for the LANs or the Local Area Networks. Dissimilar with the public IP addresses, they can’t be viewed on the internet, but it does not stop them from working.

Are you one of those individuals who experience difficulties in logging in to the different router devices with the help of Then you should keep on reading this post. IP Address

Most of the routers and modems owned by many are using as their fixed IP address. The IANA or the Internet Assigned Number Authority registered this IP address for different reasons. Wi-Fi repeater devices, TP-link routers, DVRs, webcams, and modems are also using the said IP address.

The will enable you to have full access to your WPA encryptions. This has the work in protecting your wireless network.

The said IP address should be typed on your web browser to have full access to its admin page. The is considered to be the admin IP address of your router if your Wi-Fi router and the local IP address of yours are using the similar network.

Default Logins for

In this section, you will not the fixed username and password combinations of the IP address. Read on to know further.

IP Address:                              45 percent

Username:                     password

Password:                       admin


IP Address                              25 percent

Username                       admin

Password                         password


IP Address                              10 percent

Username                       admin

Password                         admin


IP Address                              10 percent

Username                       cusadmin

Password                         highspeed


IP Address                              5 percent

Username                       Cisco

Password                         Cisco

Login Steps to

You can access the admin page of your current router easily and conveniently. On the other hand, you need to ensure that you know the fixed username and password of your router before you try to access the admin page of

The following are the easiest instructions that you need to follow to log in to the IP address. Read on to know more about it.

Step 1: Open Your Web Browser on Your Computer

Upon opening your web browser, create a tap and type the IP address. If your router has its own IP address, then you can easily view its login panel.

Step 2: Type the Fixed Username and Password

Did you just purchase another router that comes with a private IP address? If so, then you need to determine the fixed username and password of the router. The information can be found at the packaging box of the router.

If the box has already been damaged, you might consider resetting your router. This can be done by pressing the Reset button for about 25 seconds. Upon resetting the router, you can now type the fixed login credentials.

You might also consider visiting your router’s official website.

Step 3: Alter Your SSID

Even though is a private IP address, you still need to alter its SSID. SSID is the network’s name that others can see. You can view this name on your network tab.

When it comes to altering the SSID, we recommend you to think of a name that is short and easy to remember. Do not use a quirky name or any names that might expose some of your data.

Step 4: Change the Fixed Username and Password

Changing the fixed router’s information need to be done to ensure that you are using a protected connection. This is always true even if the IP address is private.

When it comes to changing your current password, create a password that has a combination of numbers and letters. Make sure that it has 8 to 16 characters. Create a password that is hard to guess but easy to remember.

When it comes to changing the username, make sure that it is simple.


Connection Timed Out

This might occur when you have a slow signal.

Can’t Open Admin Page

If this happens, look if the default gateway address of your router is

Forget Username and Password

You can look for the fixed router’s information at the packaging box of your router. You can also found it at the included instructional manual of the router. Aside from that, you might also consider making a call to the Internet Service Provider to help you.

If you already made some changes to your password and username, one of the possible things that you can do is rest your router. You probably know how to reset a router already. Through this, you can automatically utilize the fixed information again.

Brands Using

  • Zoom
  • Dnet
  • Jaht
  • Gemtek


How to change’s password?

Use the to access the default gateway. Second, type your password and username and move on to the Wi-Fi settings. After that, type your preferred password and save your changes.

How to prevent experiencing tech issues with

You need to ensure that you are currently utilizing UPS and other important sources needed to perform the configuration purposes. It is worth noting that if you are connected with a wired connection, you need to use high-quality cables. In addition to that, also check if your router’s lights are blinking or not.

Why can’t I connect to the router http://

One of the main reasons why you can’t connect to the http:// router is that you incorrectly typed the IP address. Check that you use a colon and not a semicolon. This means that a correct router address is http://