is one of the well-known IP addresses that is being used by most of the routers and modems. This is an IP address that is being utilized in opening the particular configuration page of either mode or router.

The IP address will enable you to perform any changes to your router. This can be done with the use of your preferred device. To have full access to the said IP address, you need to make sure that you are connected to your Wi-Fi modem or router connection.

As we mentioned a while ago, the IP address can be used in performing alterations to your router settings. This is also being performed to determine the current configuration of your Wi-Fi modem or router. This includes altering your password and current username. Through this, you can also manage your network settings and perform other router customizations.

When your router does not access the said gateway, there are lots of other portals that you can use. These include, or These are the other portals that also being used by many routers out there. On the other hand, if you determined that is not your router’s IP address, then you might consider using the mentioned admin console IP’s.

What is the IP Address? login pageAs we mentioned a while ago, most of the latest modems and routers are using as their IP address. This is one of the IP addresses that you cannot view on the internet and only present in a LAN or Local Area Network.

The said IP address is one of the few Private IP Addresses registered by the IANA or the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority. A local network is utilizing Private IP Addresses. This IP address is being used by many in opening your router’s configuration page. You can use your browser in logging in to this IP address. When you are already logged, you can now determine and make some alterations to your router’s default settings. Router’s Default Login Credentials

In general, most of the router production companies provide you with a default password and username. This only means that Wi-Fi routers have default password and username upon purchasing it. But these two can be changed easily. Few Wi-Fi routers come with passwords and usernames that are usually 1234, admin, or none.

You can determine the login information of your purchased router at the back area of your router or on its included instructional guide.

Username Password
admin Admin
Admin Printed on the router label
Blank Blank
Ziggo Draadloos

How to Login to

There are three easy steps for you to login to the IP Address.

  1. The router cable needs to be connected with your PC. But you might also consider using a wireless network. Make sure that the device you prefer to use is properly connected to the router.

Pro Tip: It is better if you are going to utilize a wired connection if you want to alter some default settings. This will prevent the susceptibility from uncontrolled logged out while you are saving your changes.

  1. Use your web browser. On an available tab, enter the IP address. The IP address is also written in the back area of your router’s box. If the IP address failed to load, look for the included router instructional guide. You need to try the Default Gateway you see on the manual.
  2. The last step will require you to type the fixed password and username. This can be done by using the admin panel. You might also consider the default login credentials, such as admin, user, and root.

If the above-fixed credentials didn’t work, enter the name of your router. This will help you to determine the fixed login password and username of the router. This will direct you to the configuration page of the model wherein you can now control the router settings and the network settings.


The following are some of the technical issues that you might experience while accessing the

Mistyping of IP Address

If you typed an IP address that is not correct, your web browser might give you an incorrect search result. Before you enter the IP address on your web browser tab, ensure that it is correct and complete.

Two or more Routers

If you have two or more routers in your house and want to connect to the internet, you might consider using your network administrator. This will help you to determine a particular IP address for each of your routers.

Brands Using

  • 3Jtech
  • Adaptec
  • Easyacc

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the fixed IP Address of my router?

If you can’t find the fixed router’s username and password, try looking at the back area of its packaging.

What is the fixed username and password of my router?

We recommend you to rest the device you are using if you cannot determine the fixed password and username of your router. The following are some of the most common Address router’s username and password combination that you might consider trying.

Username Password
Administrator password
Administrator Password
Admin 1234
Admin (none)
Admin password
(none) (none)
Admin admin

Why can’t I access the IP address?

If there is a situation that you can’t open the IP address, consider checking the host IP or gateway IP of your router if it is correct.

Does a stable and fast internet connection a requirement to access the IP Address?

Yes. For you to easily access the IP address of your router, make sure that the device you are using is connected to a stable and fast internet connection.

How to prevent tech issues associated with the

It is essential to be sure that you are utilizing the correct UPS needed for the process of configuration. Also, you need to have top-notch cables if you prefer to use a wired connection. In addition to that, it is also crucial for you to check the router’s light if it is blinking or not.