Wireless Router Password Recovery

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We created this guide to help you recover your wireless router’s password in case you have it misplaced. Although not all routers have the ability to have a password recovered, all of them do support a password reset. We will take you through three types of router setups that will help you with your Wireless Router Password Recovery

Router Password Change to Default

Routers usually use a username-password authentication method to protect their web based interface. The username and the password ensure that you are the only that gains access to the parental controls, network configuration and port forwarding settings. Normally, the username and password are set to default but the system allows you to change whenever you feel like. Sometimes after changing the credentials, you might have them misplaced or forgotten.

So what do you do in this case?

The secret behind this method is to reset the wireless router. Once a factory reset is done, all the router settings will go back to default including the default username and password.

However, before resetting the router you should first ensure you have access to the default credentials. You can find this somewhere in the router’s user manual, guide, sticker on the router or maybe try the most common default username-passwords. For instance one of the most popular combinations is blank for username and admin for password, interchange the combinations if they don’t work, or you can have both fields with admin. Where you fail in all of the above methods in locating the password, go to router passwords, a repository for all the default usernames and password for router brands.

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How do you Factory Reset?

Well, all routers have a reset button that sets the router back to its default. The location of the button on the router depends with the model. You are required to press this button between 10-30 seconds. While holding the button, you should make sure the power LED is blinking so that you are sure the reset is going smooth. Once you have pressed the reset button, unplug your power source and then re-plug it.

After re-plugging your power, check that the router power LED is still blinking. The continued blinking means the router is trying to destabilize after a reset. If it doesn’t blink and one minute is over, you should try another method since it shows the reset wasn’t successful.

Web-Based Setup Router Reset

This method might greatly depend on your model especially in the location of the setup tabs. Therefore note that we are using a standard D-link router. Open the router’s web-based interface on the PC you are using. Locate a tab labeled setup on the interface and then you will note a few more buttons on the directed page. Click on the Factory Settings and finally choose Factory Reset.

After the reset in both method one and two, you should make sure the router is reconfigured back in accordance to your Internet Service Provider’s specification.

After a successful factory reset, you now need to change the password and use an easy one that you will remember. As well as you can decide to use the default username and password; whatever you find convenient.

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Changing the Username and Password

On your web interface, click the Administration Tab and choose the Management tab. Then you will find router password. In the fields, you should enter the default password, and then enter your preferred password.




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