login page19.168.15.1 Managing a router can be an easy task. But it is difficult in reality. The setting of a password, for instance, can be a headache.

Good news! You can finish the process with the IP Address from the manufacturer.

Among the standard IP addresses, has been a top-notch option for tech-savvy individuals.

What is the IP address?

What are the default logins for

What are the login steps and troubleshooting for

What are the brands using this IP address?

In this article, you will know them all! Keep reading for more information! IP Address

A private IP address,, is assigned to both routers and modems. Its primary function is to identify devices on multiple private networks, enabling them to communicate with smartphones/computers. is the go-to option for people who want to login to Clear WIXFBR-117, D-Link VWr-VR, or Linksys RT31P2.

The admin panel has different and excellent features. It is effortless to adjust the internet connection, improve network security, or block out any inappropriate web page.

Default Logins for

IP Address:                                43%
Username:                          admin
Password:                           admin


IP Address:                                43%
Username:                          user
Password:                           user


IP Address:                                 14%
Username:                          admin
Password:                           —

 Login Steps

Logging into your router with is stress-free. To get started, follow the simple steps below:

  1. Connect your Router Cable to a Device

To do that, use a wireless network. Then, double-check whether or not the specific device is connected to the Wi-Fi.

You can also use a wired connection while making changes. This helps you avoid the risk of being logged off upon clicking the Save button.

  1. Open your Preferred Browser

Now, open Google, Yahoo, Mozilla Firefox, and other browsers.

After that, type the IP address in the search bar. You can finish it within a click of a mouse.

  1. Enter the Default Password and Username

Next, access the admin panel and enter the default password/username.

Root I user I admin is the login credentials to use. If it doesn’t work, type the name of your router into your browser.

From there, you will be directed to the configuration page of the model.

Then, start managing the settings with peace of mind.


Are you unable to log in to your router? You’re probably entering the wrong password/username.

Don’t worry! You’re not alone! Other people experience the same thing.

For your troubleshooting needs, follow the tips and hacks below:

Reset the Login Information of your Router

You just have to press and hold the button at the back of your router for a few seconds. That’s it! There’s no complicated procedure required.

Connect to a Strong and Stable Internet Connection

There are many reasons why the login page is not loading. Poor and weak Wi-Fi is the number one factor.

If the internet is of low quality, find a strong and stable connection for your convenience.

Brands Using

Top and trusted brands have been using because of its excellent and quality features.

What are the brands that take advantage of

These include Clear WIXFBR-117, D-LINK VWR-VR, Linksys RT31P2, WRT54GP2 / Linksys WRP400, Sweex, and Motorola.

Other Brands and Models are Highlighted Below:

  • Uniden UIP1868P
  • Uniden UIP1869V
  • Motorola CPEi25725
  • D-Link DVG-G1402S
  • Cisco SRP521W-K9
  • CyberTan

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Can’t You Connect to Router

You’ve probably tried connecting to without a good result. You perhaps have used different alternatives.

How was the experience? It’s terrible, right? What’s the secret here?

Some people may add a semicolon to http or https. Don’t do the same thing!

You just have to add a colon after the http/https. The correct address is

How Would You Change the Password for

At some point in time, you may need to change the password for The process can be tricky and complicated for less tech-savvy individuals.

Good news! Modifying the password is easier than you’ve thought.

To get started, access the default gateway with Next, enter the password and username to see and access the Wi-Fi setting.

What would you do when you have direct TV OR Wi-Fi? You just have to utilize a home network. Then, choose your preferred wireless router option.

Don’t forget to type in the right device code. After that, what’s next? Change your password and SAVE.

Don’t be in a hurry when modifying your password to save your time and avoid other hassles.

How about the default password? Just select PSK/WPA encryption settings.

Now, change the password. Make sure to add numbers, letters, and other characters. Plus, save your work.

What Would You Do When You Forgot the IP Address, Username, or Password?

Is it your first time purchasing a new modem or router? Where to find the default credentials?

Well, the information is printed over the box. Sometimes, it is mentioned in the instructional manual.

Another alternative is to call the Internet Service Provider (ISP) to access the default credentials.

What’s the Advance Setting that Could help manage a Network?

Since you already knew everything about, start some advanced setting to manage your network.

Many people enjoy the feature of blocking access for smartphones, computers, and other devices. But how to get the most out of it?

First, sign up to the router web page and search for Network Filter in the Advanced tab. However, it depends on your router model.

If you wish to block a device, select the right option. Then, click the save setting. That’s it! You’re done!

When you don’t know that MAC Address of a particular device, please feel free to visit the DHCP Client List.

Of course, you can share media and other files over the network. These include documents, videos, photos, and songs.

The procedure, on the other hand, is simple. Just select the file and share it.

It is also easy and fun to open guest work.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to browse our site. Enjoy!