login pageOne most common default gateway of a lot of modem and Wi-Fi routers is This IP address can be used to organize the router and modem and Wi-Fi routers. IP address can be used to enter the configuration page of the router directly.

Other popular IP addresses resembling is, or If doesn’t support your modem, you can use the aforementioned portable as a lot of routers supports these.

What is Exactly a IP Address?

The host IP address utilized for the configuration of the router is This is an exceptional IP utilized by networking devices in a network. Also, this IP is utilized to organize the default settings of the router DNS setting, password, as well as a Set username and also makes doing a lot of things easier. This IP address is registered for exclusive use only. This can be used in a local area network and cannot be accessed online.

Default Logins for

Those who are utilizing a newly bought modem or router, you have a default password and username. Usually, you can find the login credential at the back of the router. Many manufacturers offer a data-sheet in the box of the router to aid users in finding as well as locating the default credentials.

In case you can’t find the info about the default login, you don’t have to worry. You can search your router model plus default login credentials online, and why must appear upon any site associated with examining the defaults names. Also, you can check the website of the manufacturer of the router for info about the same.

The most popularly used login credentials are as follows:

  • admin/admin
  • user/password
  • admin/Michelangelo
  • admin/password
  • user/user
  • admin/12345
  • admin/none
  • admin/epicrouter
  • admin/123456
  • admin/1234567
  • none/none
  • admin/1234
  • MSO/changeme
  • admin/Motorola

Steps to Log-in IP Address

It is easy to log in to the router admin panel. All you need to do is to follow the steps below:

  1. Open your browser (Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.)
  2. Type the IP address in the bar and then enter
  3. You can type to connect, however even when you don’t type the http, your browser will instantly redirect that IP address thinking that it uses the term http
  4. You can press the Access Router Panel if you are not certain that you’re doing this in an approved manner to do the routing
  5. Once you’ve reached a login screen, your devices utilized the Now you can access the interface, all you need to do is to type username as well as password. In case you don’t have the needed info to register or log in, take a look at the next section.

How to Troubleshoot

There are instances wherein you will forget your password or username, or when the router is corrupted, you have to reset the device to recover access. You can utilize the hard reset button to reset the device to factory settings.

It is easy to reset the device, just ensure to look for the default reset hole in the router. Most of the time, this can be located at the back of the router, and upon finding the reset hole, you can use an ejector tool to press and then hold the button inside the hole for about ten to fifteen seconds.

After pressing the reset button, you will need a few minutes to reset the device. Once the device is reset successfully, now you can utilize the default password and username to access the router.

What are the Brands Using 

This IP address is most utilized by Huawei, NetGear, as well as ARRIS to access the configuration page of the default routers.

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: I Can’t Access IP Address, what should I do?

In case you find it hard to access this IP address in the browser, it is likely that you are not utilizing the right IP address for the router.

You should need to utilize the default router IP address to access configuration wizard.

If still, you are not familiar with the IP address of the default routers, you can try the series of below IP in the browser.

Q: Is it easy to access this IP address? 

Yes. It is easy to access this IP address in the browser. All you need to do is to ensure that you are connected with a network. If you are connected with the router’s network, you need to follow these steps:

Type the IP address in the address bar of the browser and click enter to open the IP address in the browser

Q: Is Fast Internet Connection Requires to Enter this IP Address? 

No. It is not needed to enter this IP address. This work even without Wi-Fi; however, you have to ensure you are connected with the router’s valid network.

When connected to a valid network, open the IP address to do router configurations.

Q: What is I Forget my Password and Username? 

Once you forget the password and username of the router, all you need to do is to reset the router by means of long-pressing the reset key.

Q: I want to change the password of my router, what are the things do I need to do? 

If you are logged into this IP address, press the Settings to modify your password and username. If you reached the setting page, look for the password change and change your password and username.

You can easily alter the password and username of the device with these simple and easy to follow methods.

Conclusion is a popular IP address utilized by many routers as well as ADSL modems. This can be used to make needed modifications to the setting of the router. When you logged in to this IP address, it is easier for you to make modifications to the router, which include network settings, firewall setup, change password and username, and a whole lot more.