How to Setup a Router Without a Modem

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It is not a must to have a modem to set up your router. Purchasing a router comes with a lot of benefits. Routers come in different models that you need to be aware of. You can consult some of your pals on the best routers in the market. Routers come with a manual that can help you during the setup process.

It is easy to set up your router without a modem. If you follow up the manual, you will only need to skip the parts that talks of internet accessibility. This is because you are only interested in setting up your route without the use of a modem.

If you find it to be challenging, you can call the help of a specialist. In the market, you can find many individuals who are dealing with setting up routers. Consider a technician who deals with all types of routers so that you can be sure that your router is installed correctly.

The better part is that you can modify the setting of your router at any time you find difficulties when connecting to the internet. A poor internet connection can be the most annoying thing to anyone who loves interacting online and also doing research.

This article guides you on how to setup a router without a modem.

Step 1: Setting up a wizard

You must create a wizard if you want to set up your router without a modem. Consider having different power cables for the modem, switch, and your computer. You can now make sure that you have powered all your gadgets. You need to wait until the lights are green in all the devices. For you to know some of the Routers details, you need to open one of your browsers like chrome.

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Step 2: You must get the IP address

It is crucial to know how to get the IP address. It is simply easy as you only need to open the command prompt. In the command prompt, you are required to write ipconfig. After typing ipconfig, you will be able to see the IP address. Have in mind the IP address will depend on the type of a router you have purchased.

Always consider a router that is not modem inbuilt. You can only know this by confirming from the suppliers. After displaying the IP address, you will be able to see every detail that concerns your router. Keep every detail of your router as a secret.

Step 3: Remember to configure your router

Through Ethernet cable, you need to connect your laptop or the PC machine you are using to the router port. It is essential to know more on the interface of the route so that you can change it to its IP. Subnetting is the only ways that you can change the interface to IP. For further clarification, the IP of your router can be, through subnetting you can set it to

Step 4: Post-Configuration

After setting up the IP address of your wireless router, unplugging all the power cable is all that you need to do. You now need to plug the wires in the router. Rebooting your PC can be the best thing because the router will be able to assign a new IP address. The new IP address will work best on your computer.

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You are now allowed to go back to the wizard tab. You have to select yes so that you can choose your preferred internet connection. You can wait for some minutes as you check on the completion of the internet configuration process. This will help you to be on the username page of which you are required to have a secret word for your router. After this, you will see a congratulation message which proves that you have successfully configured your router to the internet.


It is a bit tricky comprehending the entire process if you are not well informed. Besides, it is also good to know that there are routers on the market that are modem inbuilt. Some people love connecting their routers without a modem so long as one has the Ethernet cable. This cable works wonders because you can easily connect to your computer and the router.



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