What is a Port?

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Image of Common Networking Ports

is one of the most used terms in the world of computing and networks, if you are not familiar with this term this article is for you, because we are going to describe in a simple way what is a port, what are the types of ports and what they are used for. The term port is quite common and … Read More

How to Configure Any Router as an Access Point?

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Change is the only constant, and we humans always like an upgrade. Upgrade from older equipment to newer ones. Upgrade from lower versions of software to a higher version. Be it in the field of clothing or the gadgets or even any other mode of lifestyle, we are never satisfied when we have an option for upgrade. The Internet has … Read More

Google WIFI System: the Evolution of New Technology

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WIFI is indispensable for enjoying great network strength for both personal and official purposes and we have routers from different companies allowing us to achieve the same. Google WIFI is a new type of home WIFI system that replaces your traditional router and works with your modem and ISP to create a mesh network. Increase your home’s Wi-Fi coverage so … Read More