How to Change Your Wireless Name

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From the moment we make the contract with an ISP, we must immediately configure the modem. At this point, we begin to correctly insert our references. Here we have a random name of the wireless network given by the ISP itself and/or by the brand of the modem. In this case, it becomes inconvenient than to look for our network … Read More

How To Reset Your Router

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Don’t know how to reset the router to the factory default settings? In that case, you came to the address. In this publication we will talk about the ways to reset the Wi-Fi router settings and the reasons why it is reasonable to return everything to your own circles. For example, if the Wi-Fi router is unstable or the router … Read More

What are WiFi Channels

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A few years ago there were hardly any wireless access points and almost everyone used twisted pair cable to go online. Nowadays that does not happen anymore. The operators themselves offer Wi-Fi solutions to their customers without much difficulty. The problem is that the more networks of this type exist, the greater the chances of interference. One of the most … Read More


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The world has become a smaller place thanks to the development in science and technology that we can have access to any information in and around the world rather universe with just a swipe or click of hand. Networking has become so common to us that it has become the new oxygen of today’s fast world. What is networking? Has … Read More

What is My IP Address

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What is an IP address? Again and again, you hear about the so-called IP address. But what is an IP address? The IP address is to be compared with the address of a house. With this address, you can find the house and, for example, deliver mail. This scheme is also used on the Internet to send data to the … Read More

Wireless Router Password Recovery

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We created this guide to help you recover your wireless router’s password in case you have it misplaced. Although not all routers have the ability to have a password recovered, all of them do support a password reset. We will take you through three types of router setups that will help you with your Wireless Router Password Recovery Router Password … Read More

Advanced Password Generator for Home and Business Needs

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What is Lastpass Password Generator? At present, there are many advanced password generators available online so as to assist internet marketers and professionals across the world. Selecting the best password generating tool from list may not be an easy task for newbies. LastPass password generator is one among the best suggested password generators by online marketing experts in the world. … Read More